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Capital Street Inter markets Limited is a Global Business Company (GBC1) incorporated and regulated by the Financial Services Commission, Mauritius. It is fully licensed and regulated by the FSC Mauritius, as a Full Services Investment Dealer....

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We at Capital Street FX value your competency and determination to succeed as Forex Affiliate Partner.

It is our goal to provide you with the tools that you need to secure your success as our Forex Affiliate Partner. We all know that in order to succeed as an affiliate, one have to be truly passionate and knowledgeable about the product at hand. It is no secret that customers buy from passionate and knowledgeable professionals. That is why we work with the best of the best traders who are looking to expand their profits by gaining commission for every trader they recommend to our platform.
Why Capital Street FX

In business, just like in life, we partner with those sharing the same values as us. We are proud to say that we are driven by integrity, honesty and dedication, and we are looking to partner with like-minded profit oriented traders. If you are looking for a reliable broker, sharing the same values as you do, then Capital Street FX is the answer for you. Being the best at what we do and working with the best is what we seek.
Get in touch with us today and let us help you build your client’s portfolio in a profitable way for all stakeholders.

How do you get paid as Forex Affiliate Partner?

We understand that different business styles require different partner model, and that is why we aim to tailor each model to the needs of our partners. Making money as a forex affiliate partner has never been so easy. For the appropriate partner plan, please refer to the following three options, and let us know which suits your style the most, so we can make your experience as profitable as possible.


Get paid for your traffic, upto $2k for sign up

Should you have high volume of traffic on your website, and great exposure within the social media realms, then the CPA is for you. That way you can make sure you get paid for every trader you introduce to our platform. The CPA is activated once your sign-ups meet certain requirements, be it to open an account, to deposit, or to trade certain volume. These conditions are all pre-designed to meet your requirements and you can expect an amazing passive income allowing you to turn traffic in to profit.

Commission per traded lot

Build your trader’s portfolio and get paid $20 per traded lot

This model is designed for those of you who have the desire and the ability to manage your sign ups’ portfolio. If you pride yourself with great persuasive skills, leadership and commitment to your clients, then you will surely find joy in the commission per traded lot model. Under this model you get paid for every traded lot by your team, and it is entirely up to you to encourage them to carry on trading, as that would be part of managing your team. The higher volume traded by your team, the higher your commission is.

Hybrid rebates

Blend the traffic and volume, and receive generous commission

The name speaks for itself, ‘high breed’ where you get the best of both worlds: the traffic conversion and the personal touch to your clients. You can benefit from having a passive income in the form of CPA, where you can have funds coming in from your virtual exposure, topped up with commission per traded lot coming from your team’s traded volume. It is by far the most powerful and preferred model chosen by our partners, designed to suit your style.

We welcome new talent into the Capital Street FX fold every moment of every day. Its talent like you that makes us competitive and successful. We look forward to hearing from you and to working with you in building a profitable business.

Contact Us Today To set up your fully supported Partners Account, and we shall be by your side in every step of your journey. Business at its core definition, where cooperation is the key for profitable partnership for all stakeholders.