. Alphabet CEO and EU Chief Collaborate on AI Pact - 24 May 2023

Alphabet CEO and EU Chief Collaborate on AI Pact

Alphabet CEO and EU Chief Collaborate on AI Pact

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Meeting Between Alphabet CEO and EU Industry Chief Alphabet’s Chief Executive Sundar Pichai and European Union (EU) industry chief Thierry Breton recently held a meeting in Brussels to discuss the development of an artificial intelligence (AI) pact.

Proactive Approach to AI Regulation

Both Alphabet and the European Commission share the belief that waiting for AI regulations to become applicable is not ideal. Instead, they aim to proactively collaborate with AI developers to establish an AI pact on a voluntary basis before the legal deadline.

Urgent Call to EU Countries and Lawmakers

Thierry Breton emphasized the importance of EU countries and lawmakers finalizing the details of the Commission’s proposed AI rules before the year’s end. Negotiations between the two groups are yet to commence to resolve any differences.

Transatlantic Cooperation for Minimum AI Standards

In addition to their efforts, the European Union and the United States plan to enhance their cooperation on artificial intelligence. The goal is to establish minimum standards in AI before the legislation comes into force, as stated by EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager.

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