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Invest in Apple stock or trade-in apple stock via CFD

Apple is one of the most popular American tech companies. It is also one of the most heavily traded companies due to its higher volume, which makes apple stock one of the best stocks to trade via CFDs. With CSFX, you can invest, or trade-in apple stock from our trading platform.

Apple Stock Overview

Apple Inc. was incorporated in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. It became a well-known name in consumer electronics after the success of the Apple II personal computer in 1980. The company issued its first public offering on 12th December 1980. The cost per share was 22 dollars. The company was listed on the NASDAQ exchange under the global select market category with the ticker symbol AAPL.

The company deals in a vast range of products and services ranging from consumer electronics to computer software like macOS, iPadOS, iOS, etc. and hardware products like potable music player iPod, apple watch, iPhone smartphone.

Today in terms of market capitalization apple is one of the largest companies in the world. The value of all assets exceeded the mark of 500 billion dollars. Apple stock is included in the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ 100 indices. Since the company went public, it has announced four share splits. In which three of them are at 2-for-1 and the latest one at 7-for-1 in June 2014.

Apple had paid quarterly dividends till 1987, but later it suspended the pay-outs in 1995 as the company was going through a financial crisis. After 17 years in 2012, apple resumed paying quarterly dividends after its cash reserves have reached 100 billion dollars. In 2018 Apple announced a 16% increase in dividend pay-out to 0.73 dollars per share, making it the biggest paying dividend stocks.

Factors which can affect apple stock price

Tariffs and trade agreements

Apple has a huge dominance in Asian nations, and it has mostly exposed to the Chinese market. The tariffs and trade agreements between the U.S and other Asian countries can have a significant impact on Apple stock price. China alone contributes around 20% of apple’s revenues. Any change in tariffs plan and trade agreement can have a direct and significant impact on apple revenues.

Competitor’s Performance 

The technology sector means dealing with fierce competition. The biggest challenge is dealing with frequently changing technology, improved features, and design innovation. Apple deals with multiple such as Samsung, which is the biggest competitor in the consumer electronics hardware arena; PayPal for online payment; amazon prime in online streaming and entertainment.


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