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Axis Mutual Fund launches Global Innovation Fund of Fund

Axis Mutual Fund launches Global Innovation Fund of Fund

06 May 2021

Axis Mutual Fund has announced the launch of their new fund – ‘Axis Global Innovation Fund of Fund’. The fund will provide investors with an opportunity to invest in Schroder International Selection Fund Global Disruption, an equity fund that aims to provide long term capital growth by investing in companies worldwide that benefit from disruption. The New Fund Offer (NFO) opens for subscription from May 10 to May 21.

According to a press release, companies faced with disruption (from a new competitor or product) usually react by becoming either an enabler (the conduit for change), an adaptor (the positive respondent who seeks to amend their business or product range) or a denier (the incumbent who fails to adapt). Schroder ISF (International Selection Fund) Global Disruption seeks to provides capital growth by investing in innovative companies that are redefining their industries or are successfully adapting to change.

The fund house said that the fund is actively managed to access multiple disruption themes globally including – environment, automation, healthcare, finTech, communication, food & water, new consumer, digitalization, and e-Commerce. Exposure to global investment opportunities today is one of the most crucial aspects for investors to broaden their investment universe. Global investing also allows investors to capture disruptive growth through various themes, many of which are not available on the listed markets in India. Global investing therefore diversifies the investment portfolio for investors and has the potential to improve their risk adjusted returns.

“At Axis AMC, we have successfully been at the forefront of developing product innovations and creating diversified solutions that offer long-term wealth creation options for our investors. Thematic products allow investors to participate in important structural themes in a targeted manner. In that context, we are extremely excited to offer investors a product that captures one of the most significant themes of the current age – disruptive innovation precipitated by technological advancements and changes to the business environment. Companies that are bringing about and benefiting from these changes have the potential to generate high growth. The Schroders fund is able to scout for such companies on a global basis, giving us access to the best such ideas from around the world,” said Chandresh Kumar Nigam, MD & CEO, Axis AMC.

“We are truly pleased to extend our partnership with Axis AMC to another global fund. With our goals completely aligned, we wish to provide investors in India with best in class global products and Axis Global Innovation Fund of Fund is an important part of that objective,” said Alex Tedder, CIO, Head of Global & Thematic Equities, Schroders Investment Management.