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BIS website, FAQs don’t reflect key points on hallmarking: GJC writes to Piyush Goyal

BIS website, FAQs don’t reflect key points on hallmarking: GJC writes to Piyush Goyal

03 Jul 2021

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) website and FAQs do not capture many key points on hallmarking, discussed between the gems and jewellery industry and the government, causing confusion and disruption amongst jewellers, All India Gem and Jewellery Domestic Council (GJC) said on Saturday.

In this regard, the industry body has written to Union Minister for Consumer Affairs Piyush Goyal stating that the FAQs (frequently asked questions) released by BIS on their website have a lot of ambiguity and lack clarity, due to which there is confusion, immense unrest and disruption amongst jewellers, the GJC said in a statement.

It said the website and FAQs do not mention or capture several key points that were discussed during a meeting between the industry stakeholders and the government, held on June 15, 2021.

“A very important point of one-time registration for jewellers and no renewal with BIS is still not clearly mentioned in the FAQs on the BIS website. Another significant point about hallmarking being applicable only at the first point of sale is also missing,” GJC Chairman Ashish Pethe pointed out.

The elements of distribution, storage, transport, and exhibition for sale of jewellery (as mentioned in Section 15 of the BIS Act 2016) were not yet eliminated from the FAQs, Pethe added.

“The points about manufacturers being given a chance to use their own logo in hallmarked jewellery and usage of B2B (business to business) customer logo and login are also not mentioned,” he noted.

Further, Pethe said, it was communicated that the issue of HUID (Hallmarking unique ID) will be put up for discussion and the final decision will be taken by a high-level committee.

He also claimed that BIS has already started to initiate six-digit HUID on jewellers indirectly through the AHCs.

The BIS FAQs, under the heading ‘Under Mandatory System’, mentions that the registered jeweller has to visit the BIS portal and upload the jewellery items, pieces and weight on the software before sending goods for hallmarking.

“However, during the earlier discussions, it was clarified that HUID and digitalisation would only be limited to the Hallmarking centres and no jeweller will be involved,” Pethe added.