Bitcoin climbs above $64,000 ahead of Coinbase IPO

Bitcoin climbs above $64,000 ahead of Coinbase IPO

Bitcoin pushes to fresh record high after breaching $62,000 yesterday


The supposedly watershed moment for the crypto world is keeping sentiment more upbeat as Bitcoin climbs by nearly 2% to a fresh record high above $64,000 now. Ethereum is also up 3% to $2,370 in anticipation of the Coinbase IPO later today.

The chart for Bitcoin continues to reflect more bullish sentiment with a series of higher highs, higher lows and there’s nothing to dislike for buyers as such.

But as much as there is the hype surrounding the latest catalyst in the price breakout, this is still a market after all. Hence, just be mindful that we could see a “buy the rumour, sell the fact” play once the euphoria plays out in the day(s) ahead.

The previous episodes of Bitcoin price breakout since February tends to see a modest pullback that follows after the initial jump, so keep that in mind as well.

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