. Black Sea Grain Initiative: Global Food Security

Black Sea Grain Initiative: Global Food Security

Black Sea Grain Initiative: Global Food Security

17 May 2023

UN Calls for Extension of Black Sea Grain Initiative to Ensure Global Food Security.


The United Nations (UN) Undersecretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Martin Griffiths, has emphasized the need for an extension of the Black Sea Grain Initiative. This initiative enables the export of Ukrainian grain and other agricultural products from Black Sea ports, making a crucial contribution to global food security. Griffiths has urged for the continuation of predictable supplies for humanitarian food assistance operations and highlighted the importance of the initiative’s smooth and efficient operation. This article examines the significance of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, its current challenges, and the call for its extension.

The Black Sea Grain Initiative and its Impact on Global Food Security

The initiative’s role in supporting global food security B. Export volumes and contributions to humanitarian operations C. Declining global cereal prices due to the initiative

 Challenges and Reduction in Exports from Black Sea Ports A. Reduction in export volumes and its implications B. Challenging dynamics within the Joint Coordination Centre C. Intensive discussions for agreement on extension and improvements

Previous Extension and Importance of Continuation A. Overview of the initial agreement and its extension B. Recommitment and smooth operation as critical factors C. Continued efforts for extension through quadrilateral meetings

Humanitarian Assistance and Pursuit of Peace in Ukraine

 A. The urgency to end the Ukraine crisis and promote political solutions B. UN’s commitment to safeguarding life and dignity C. Complex and dangerous humanitarian operating environment

Delivering Assistance and Reaching Civilians

 A. Humanitarian assistance provided in Ukraine’s first quarter of 2023 B. Inter-agency convoys and last-mile delivery efforts C. Exploring all options to reach civilians in need

Calls for Compliance with International Humanitarian Law

A. Importance of safe and unimpeded passage of humanitarian relief B. Freedom of movement for personnel and facilitation efforts C. Reinforcing compliance to reach all civilians in need


 The extension of the Black Sea Grain Initiative is crucial for maintaining global food security. The initiative’s export of Ukrainian grain and agricultural products, along with Russian food and fertilizer exports, has significantly contributed to humanitarian operations and played a role in reducing global cereal prices.

 Despite challenges and recent reductions in export volumes, efforts are underway to secure an extension and improve the initiative’s effectiveness. In the midst of the Ukraine crisis, the UN emphasizes the need for a political solution and urges support from member states to end hostilities.