. CANCELLATION/CLOSURE/TERMINATION/NO DISPUTE POLICY - Trade FX, CFD, Stocks, BTC, Indices, Gold & Oil - 1:1000 Leverage & Bonus - CSFX


Account Cancellation/Closure/Termination/No Dispute Policy

Please Note: All payments made to Capital Street are irreversible and non-negotiable. Any completed payment transaction cannot be cancelled, disputed or reversed. All transactions are voluntarily initiated and completed by you, and you unconditionally accept the irreversible nature of the transaction. Your funds are credited to your investment/trading account with us, as soon as your payment transaction is successful, and your account statement reflects your updated balance immediately.

Account Termination/Cancellation/Closure/No Dispute in the context of your agreement with us, means the stopping of all activity in your trading account held with Capital Street and requesting the withdrawal of any available balances in the account. Available balances are calculated as per the terms explained below, the general terms and conditions, and/or all other applicable clauses such as the AML policy, KYC policy, terms and conditions of any promotion being used in your account and all other operational clauses that govern your agreement with Capital Street. You can seek answers to any further questions or doubts you may have, regarding your available balances by contacting us at  support@capitalstreetfx.com or clientsupport@capitalstreetfx.com

Account Cancellation/Closure/Termination/No Dispute does not imply the stoppage of a recurring subscription service or billing cycle. All deposit transactions made into your account are irreversible and non-cancelable under any condition. It is not possible to cancel or reverse any payment transaction you have made towards adding money into your trading account with Capital Street.

Capital Street does not provide any service or product where you are billed on an ongoing basis, and no transaction occurs unless initiated and completed by you. We do not ask for/save any user payment data and no payment transaction occurs unless a user conducts it using secure 3DS gateways. All funds are deposited by you willingly and knowingly, into your online trading account held with Capital Street. All deposits are made further to your understanding and accepting the risks of financial investing, and, with the full knowledge that you may lose all your invested funds due to your investing activity, with no liability due upon Capital Street whatsoever.

Attempting to reverse/cancel/dispute a payment transaction via your payment service provider, before/after you have completed the payment transaction and/or started investment/trading activity in your trading account with Capital Street, shall be considered an act of fraud, in breach of the provisions of your agreement with Capital Street, and we reserve the right to file legal proceedings against you in any/all jurisdictions we consider suitable to recover the costs of any damages(financial or otherwise) incurred by us, because of any such attempts.


You may choose to close/cancel/terminate your agreement with us at any time. Such cancellation/termination/closure means that you would no longer like to use the online trading service we provide. To complete this process, you are obligated to follow the below process

  1. Immediately cease any activity in your account with us, or on our site/trading platform.
  2. Send us a written request via email to support@capitalstreetfx.com with the clear subject ” Account Closure/Service Termination” and a clear instruction stating that ” I______________________________(your full name as appears on your KYC documents and any payment method used to transfer funds to Capital Street FX), holder of account ID(mention your account ID allotted to you after completing your registration with us), would like to request immediate closure of my aforesaid account.”
  3. Ensure you have no open positions/other liabilities in your account(any amount payable to Capital Street for having previously used our services/products in any manner).
  4. We shall respond to your email with a confirmation, within 2 business days, that your account has been closed and there is no further liability due upon you. We shall also inform you of your available balances(if any) that you may request to be sent back to you.
  5. Please Note: we shall send your available funds(if any) back via the same method of payment, as has been used when making the payment to us.
  6. Should you wish to avoid any further communication related to the company such as new products, services and/or offers, you can inform us that, you do not wish to receive any further communication from us and would like to have all your previous information deleted from our records. We shall comply with the said instruction and inform you of its execution in writing.

NOTE: The termination/cancellation/closure of an account or of any service provided by us, takes effect from the date of notification when you communicate your intention to cease using our services. Any financial obligation/transaction/liability entered into, before the date of notification stands in full, and you accept your liability to pay in full all such dues/liabilities that may exist in your relationship with us, upto the date of termination. You agree unconditionally to fulfill all your financial and legal obligations to us as exist on/before the date of closure/termination/cancellation.

In the event that you have incurred any losses/costs/expenses in your online trading activity on our website/trading platform prior to the date of closure/cancellation/termination, you have no claim whatsoever towards the funds lost. If you have any open positions at the time of your request to close/cancel/terminate the account, you are fully responsible for any unrealized losses contained therein.

You hereby agree that should there be any differences in understanding, with respect to any transactions/balances in your account, you shall clarify the matter directly with us.

You further commit unconditionally, to not engage in any attempt to dispute any payments made to us through your bank/payment service provider/card provider/other financial institution or legal body, and to only communicate with us directly on such matters in writing – by emailing us at support@capitalstreetfx.com or clientsupport@capitalstreetfx.com