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What’s Next for Twitter

What’s Next for Twitter?

Elon Musk’s bombshell Twitter acquisition has sparked a flurry of conjecture and expert comments on the internet, but the fact is that it’s difficult to forecast exactly where the social media network will go. Musk has recently made several big promises to enhance Twitter, but most of them come...

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Top Altcoins

Top Altcoins to watch out this March 2022

As the globe faced with the rising Russia-Ukraine situation, crypto prices continued to suffer in February. The Russian invasion coincided with the Federal Reserve’s announcement of monetary tightening. Economic uncertainty has a tendency to harm high-risk investments like bitcoin, and the uncertainty isn’t going away anytime soon. March is...

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Commodity Markets

How will the sanctions on Russia trigger the Commodity Markets?

Russian platinum, palladium, rhodium, and other platinum group metals are produced in large quantities. The metals are byproducts of Siberian nickel production in the Norilsk area, and Russia also contributes significant amounts of nickel and aluminium, both of which are key base metals. Fertilizers, which are used in agricultural...

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Global economy

Is the Global economy prepared for a possible WW3?

War may have a big economic impact. Inflation, shortages, and other economic issues can result from wars. Conflicts affect the financial system because they frequently result in inflation, which means that prices rise quickly. A battle might also result in a scarcity of resources and items, making it harder...

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Bitcoin Crashes over 10% with Ukraine Invasion, What’s next for the biggest Crypto

On Thursday, bitcoin fell to a one-month low after Russian forces launched missiles at numerous Ukrainian cities and landed soldiers on the country’s shore, spurring a sell-off of risky assets. Bitcoin dropped as much as 7.9% to $34,324, its lowest level since January 24, and was down 4.5 percent...

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Top Crypto Currencies

Top Crypto Currencies to watch out for in 2022

Bitcoin (BTC) Competitive Advantage: Bitcoin is the first and most valued cryptocurrency. There’s no need to go into great detail regarding bitcoin. It has a well-deserved reputation. It’s the very first of its sort. You’ll want to keep an eye on the charts in 2022 if you want to...

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What are NFTs?

With Gen Z monetizing NFTs, how can regular traders join the party?

Being a teenager or a child, these days must be difficult. Along with significant technical advancements in the last fifteen years or so, we’ve seen many various areas of society that make us wonder if we’re on the right track or perhaps if we’re heading backward. Even when science...

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