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Corporate Actions For The Upcoming Week – 29th August To 2nd September

UK 1003.526.164
Netherlands 250.151
France 40
Euro 500.786
Spain 35
Switzerland 20
Dow Jones 304.61438.0952.01
Nasdaq 1000.2941.1161.7260.118
S & P 5000.3210.8030.6850.312
Australia 2000.8257.50144.7762.5231.909
Nikkie 22515.99
Hong Kong 5010.5120.60119.170.7637.814
Corporate Action Projections
Instrument NameEx-DateSummaryCurrency
Ross Stores Inc2/9/20220.31USD
NIKE Inc2/9/20220.305USD
China Resources Power Holdings Co Ltd2/9/20220.21HKD
Kerry Properties Ltd2/9/20220.4HKD
Bank of East Asia Ltd/The2/9/20220.16HKD
PepsiCo Inc1/9/20221.15USD
FedEx Corp1/9/20221.15USD
Bank of America Corp1/9/20220.22USD
Power Assets Holdings Ltd1/9/20220.78HKD
Hong Kong & China Gas Co Ltd1/9/20220.12HKD
CLP Holdings Ltd1/9/20220.63HKD
Tyson Foods Inc31/08/20220.46USD
QUALCOMM Inc31/08/20220.75USD
NetEase Inc31/08/20220.36USD
McDonald’s Corp31/08/20221.38USD
Lockheed Martin Corp31/08/20222.8USD
Kellogg Co31/08/20220.59USD
Home Depot Inc/The31/08/20221.9USD
Goldman Sachs Group Inc/The31/08/20222.5USD
eBay Inc31/08/20220.22USD
China Telecom Corp Ltd31/08/20220.139523HKD
General Motors Co30/08/20220.09USD
Fox Corp30/08/20220.25USD
Electronic Arts Inc30/08/20220.19USD
Allstate Corp/The30/08/20220.85USD
Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd30/08/20223.45HKD
China Resources Beer Holdings Co Ltd30/08/20220.234CNH

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