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Random Walk Theory

According to this theory, stock price movements are not dependant on any factors and so the historical movements should be not used as an indicator to predict the future growth.

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Sip - Systematic Investment Plan

Even if the investor does not want invest upfront a huge amount of money, they can still go for a EMI spread over an year for investment in Mutual Fund or Stock Investment options.

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Understanding the Stock Market

It pays to know about the working of the stock market and how the shares are traded, how (earnings per share) EPS is calculated, how NAV (net asset value ) of your Investment is calculated.

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Sound Financial Decisions

Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a huge ship…

Our goal is not make financial decisions for you...

We want to provide you a financial platform that knows intuitively your requirement. The rest is history!

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Analyse your negative beliefs about money and discard them to break free from the financial Bondage...

Using Finance Theme, empower your capacity to analyse, understand and recommend to your clients tailor-made solutions.

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Financial Services

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Consultancy services

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