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Trade Facebook stock

Facebook is one of the most popular American tech companies. It is also one of the most heavily traded companies due to its higher volume, which makes apple stock one of the best stocks to trade via CFDs. With CSFX, you can invest, or trade-in apple stock from our trading platform.


Facebook  Stock Overview

“The Facebook” was launched officially by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 at the age 19 while he was a psychology student at Harvard university. The Facebook was an instant hit, more than 1,200 students signed up with in the first day and in one month the number crossed half of the total undergraduate population of the university.

In 2005 its name was changed to Facebook and later is was opened to any user with a registered email address. Facebook have a very steep growth graph over the years than later in the year 2012 the company went public at a share price of 38 dollar per share. The company shares is trading on the Nasdaq exchange under the ticker name FB. The company was valued at 104 billion dollars, the highest valuation of that time. Mark retained 22 percent stake in the company and also hold 57% of the voting rights in the company.

The current valuation of the company stands at 531.93 billion dollars. As the company has grown over the years, it has made some huge and successful acquisition. Some of the most popular and well know acquisition includes Instagram, WhatsApp, friend feed, drop.io, lightbox.com etc. like most of the tech company, Facebook also doesn’t provide regular dividend instead they use their profit to reinvest in business. The company have multiple sources of revenue and approximately 89 percent of the total revenue came from digital advertisements.

Factors affecting Facebook Stock

Legislative Policy Changes- there are many laws related to privacy and user data and companies have to follow and operate in accordance to these laws such as the general protection regulation (GDPR) in Europe. The Facebook stock price get affected whenever there is privacy issue or breach of any law related to privacy.

Competitor’s Performance

In today’s world the threat of new social media competitors is very real for Facebook. New social media platform like Snapchat and twitter are giving a decent competition and they have potential to impact Facebook business. There has be huge development in the internet space during the past years, Facebook has to be ready with all latest technology and updates so that they can defeat any other new social media companies who enters the playing field at any time.


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