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General Questions

General Questions

About US

A. What is Capital Street FX?
B. Our history
C. Our Regulatory
C. Our Regulatory

Member’s Personal Area/User’s dashboard Related

A. Who is eligible to open an account with Capital Street FX?
B. How to Register an Account?
C. What is member’s personal Area?
D. How to login to member’s personal area?
E. What are the general issues for not getting to login?
F. What to do if I have not received any email with credentials?
G. How to reset member’s personal area password?
H. How to Verify member’s personal area?

Trading Platform/Trading terminal – Desktop App + Mobile App + Web-trader

A. What is the name of your trading platform?
B. Can I Use Other than Capital Trader trading platform?
C. Does this trading platform allow the use of Expert Advisors?
D. How to Open a Demo or Live Trading account?
E. How to reset Trading Platform Password?
F. What are the general issues for not getting to login?

General Information About Capital Street FX

A. Can the Capital Street FX help with Taxation?
B. How do the Capital Street FX make profit?
C. What is Your Server’s time?
D. What are your trading hours?
E. What are the support hours?
F. Does Capital Street FX offer trading training?

Safety of Account

A. How do I ensure funds in account are safe?
B. My Email address is hacked, what must I do?
C. How can I trust on Capital Street FX?