. Gold Price Surges: Fed Data and Labor Market Trends Impacting Economy

Gold Price Surges: Fed Data and Labor Market Trends Impacting Economy

Gold Price Surges: Fed Data and Labor Market Trends Impacting Economy

29 Aug 2023

Gold Price Gains Momentum Ahead of US Labor Market Statistics

In anticipation of the upcoming US labor market statistics, the gold price is showing signs of strengthening, hinting at potential further gains in the near future.

Federal Reserve’s Influence on Gold Price

As the Federal Reserve (Fed) continues to closely monitor economic data for potential policy adjustments, the price of gold (XAU/USD) is displaying increased momentum, positioning itself for a potential rebound beyond the $1,920 mark. At the recent Jackson Hole Symposium, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell reiterated the central bank’s commitment to making policy decisions based on data.

The Role of Inflation and Labor Market Statistics

Jerome Powell highlighted the growing sensitivity of inflation to the labor market. As a result, the forthcoming labor market indicators, including the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS), will play a crucial role in shaping the Fed’s future actions. Powell’s remarks underscore the significance of this week’s statistics in determining the central bank’s next steps.

Focus on US Jobs and Manufacturing PMI

Investors are closely tracking the upcoming US jobs data and the ISM Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) figures. Given that the August labor market data forms the foundation for September’s interest rate decision, its impact is expected to be substantial. With many US businesses anticipating reduced operational capacity due to economic uncertainty, investors are keen on observing any potential slowdown in hiring. Furthermore, a ninth consecutive month of decline in factory activity is predicted.

Gold Price and Investor Sentiment

Investors Eager for Gold’s Upside Potential

Investors are showing enthusiasm for value-buying as they anticipate a strong push in the gold price beyond $1,920. Their optimism stems from the belief that the Federal Reserve is nearing the peak of its interest rate adjustments.

Market Dynamics Favoring Gold

The gold price is being positively influenced by controlled movements in the US Dollar and declining US Treasury Yields. As the 10-year US bond yields hover just below 4.18%, the US Dollar Index (DXY) struggles to break above 104.00.

Fed Policy and US Dollar Pressure

Chair Jerome Powell’s commitment to data-driven policy decisions is contributing to pressure on the US dollar. The emphasis on data dependency suggests that the Fed’s actions will be guided by economic indicators.

Gradual Policy Tightening

Given the ongoing pursuit of price stability, Powell has left room for potential policy tightening. The central bank’s intention to initiate action is tied to two months of sustained lower inflation levels.

Influential Figures’ Perspectives

Loretta Mester’s Advocacy for Rate Increases

Cleveland Fed Bank President Loretta Mester has voiced her support for additional interest rate hikes in 2023. Her stance is aimed at ensuring the achievement of price stability by 2026.

Impact of ADP Employment Change Data

Investor attention is firmly fixed on the upcoming release of the Automatic Data Processing (ADP) Employment Change data for August. Powell’s hawkish comments have heightened interest in this data point.

Labor Market Sensitivity to Inflation

The central bank’s data suggests that inflation’s relationship with the labor market is becoming more intricate. Powell has indicated that stronger labor market indicators could prompt further action by the Fed.

August Employment Report’s Significance

With the August employment report serving as the basis for September’s monetary policy decisions, the impact of Powell’s statements on the labor market has intensified.

Labor Market Predictions

Private Sector Job Additions

Projections point to the US private sector adding around 195,000 jobs in August, marking a substantial decrease from July’s forecast of 324,000.

JOLTS Job Openings Data

Investors are eagerly awaiting the July data for the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS), which is set to be unveiled at 14:00 GMT. Estimates suggest that US businesses have announced approximately 9.465 million new positions, a slight drop from June’s figure of 9.582 million job openings.

ISM Manufacturing PMI

The upcoming release of the August ISM Manufacturing PMI data is also drawing attention. Forecasts indicate a ninth consecutive month of decline in US manufacturing activity. While July’s score was 46.4, slightly lower than the current value of 47.0, any reading below the 50.0 threshold indicates a decline in activity. The New Orders Index, a crucial leading indicator, is anticipated to decline from 47.3 to 46.3.

Texas Industrial Outlook Survey

An indicator of state industrial conditions, as reflected in the Texas Industrial Outlook Survey, plummeted six points to -11.2 on Monday. This represents the lowest level since May 2020, underscoring the challenges faced by the industrial sector.


The gold price’s recent gains, coupled with the Federal Reserve’s data-centric approach to policy decisions, are shaping the financial landscape. As labor market statistics, inflation data, and manufacturing indicators take center stage, investors are carefully assessing the potential implications for the future direction of the economy. The delicate interplay between these factors is likely to influence the central bank’s decisions in the months ahead.