Goldman Sachs dip over 15% from ATH BUY the Dip??

Goldman Sachs dip over 15% from ATH BUY the Dip??

Goldman Sachs stocks

Goldman Sachs closed on 09-02-2022 at $374.50 which is around 15% below its all-time high level of $426.06 on 25-10-2022. Should you Buy the dip….?

Goldman Sachs stocks current P.E is at 6.30 and P.B of 1.09 while its EPS is $59.45 whereas according to Industry standards the stock is currently very undervalued as Industry P.E is at 20.98 and a P.B of 2.02.

The current year’s profit margin of Goldman Sachs has increased by 22.4% in the last year from 14.7% to 37.1% this year. Against the revenue of $13.6B, it had a net income of $5.4B this year.

On the Dividend front, GS’s dividend has not dropped by more than 10% at any point in the last 10 years and its dividends of 1.74% are in the top 75% of all US-listed companies.

As per fundamentals currently, Goldman Sachs is undervalued.

Let’s see Technical Analysis also….

Technical Analysis

Above is the daily chart of Goldman Sachs which indicates that currently the stock is trading in the upward channel and its RSI is at 61.56 which is Buying Zone.

The stock is trading above all Simple Moving Averages.

All this indicates it’s a time to take a Long (Buy) in Goldman Sachs.

So as per the Technical and Fundamental Analysis of Goldman Sachs, it’s an opportunity to buy the stock at any dip.

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