Google translation AI botches legal terms ‘enjoin,’ ‘garnish’ -research

Google translation AI botches legal terms ‘enjoin,’ ‘garnish’ -research

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Translation tools from Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Inc’s Google and other companies could be contributing to significant misunderstanding of legal terms with conflicting meanings such as “enjoin,” according to research due to be presented at an academic workshop on Monday.

Google’s translation software turns an English sentence about a court enjoining violence, or banning it, into one in the Indian language of Kannada that implies the court ordered violence, according to the new study.

“Enjoin” can refer to either promoting or restraining an action. Mistranslations also arise with other contranyms, or words with contradictory meanings depending on context, including “all over,” “eventual” and “garnish,” the paper said.

Google said machine translation is “is still just a complement to specialized professional translation” and that it is “continually researching improvements, from better handling ambiguous language, to mitigating bias, to making large quality gains for under-resourced languages.”

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