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IRFC lists foreign currency, green bonds on NSE IFSC

IRFC lists foreign currency, green bonds on NSE IFSC

30 Jul 2021

New Delhi: Indian Railway Finance Corporation () has listed its foreign currency bonds and green bonds on NSE IFSC’s debt securities market platform. The company has raised a capital of $2.25 billion by issuing bonds in different tranches under the $4 billion global medium-term note and $500 million green bonds programmes, NSE IFSC said in a statement on Friday.

NSE IFSC launched debt securities market for listing and trading of debt securities in multiple foreign currency bonds, green bonds, masala bonds and notes in March 2018.

The debt securities market platform provides an efficient international listing process to issuers with a minimum turnaround time and investment opportunities for investors from across the world.

“IRFC is happy to be listing on NSE International Exchange at GIFT City. This gives us immense opportunities to reach out to international investors and raise funds using a wide variety of product and currencies,” Amitabh Banerjee, Chairman and Managing Director of IRFC, said.

He also said that IRFC will continue to focus on the railway sector and play a critical role in the development, modernisation and growth of the Indian railways.

Ravi Varanasi, Chief Business Development Officer of NSE, said development of a robust corporate bond market is the key to effective implementation of large projects across sectors.

Debt securities market at NSE IFSC enables the listing and trading of debt securities in foreign currencies as well as rupee-denominated masala bonds, he said.

“Our platform also facilitates issuance of green bonds to offer local and international issuers an additional source of green financing to improve investor diversification as well as enhance issuers social governance and reputation. The listing and trading of bonds at IFSC would offer cost efficiency as well as enable issuer to access international investors,” he added.