. Morgan Stanley Holds 'Equalweight' Rating for Euronext - 24 May 2023

Morgan Stanley Holds ‘Equalweight’ Rating for Euronext

Morgan Stanley Holds ‘Equalweight’ Rating for Euronext

24 May 2023

Morgan Stanley Analyst Maintains Euronext at ‘Equal-weight’ with Revised Price Target.

In a recent update, an analyst from Morgan Stanley has decided to maintain the rating for Euronext (EPA: ENX) as ‘equal weight’ while adjusting the price target to EUR81.30. This revised target differs from the previous price target of %currency%%price%.

Prior to this rating adjustment, Euronext had received positive ratings from 12 analysts, who rated it as a buy, along with 4 analysts suggesting a hold position, and 1 analyst rating it as a sell.

For more comprehensive analyst estimates and price targets on Euronext, interested individuals can refer to the provided link. Similarly, those seeking additional news related to Euronext can access the provided link as well.

At the close of trading, Euronext’s stock price stood at $67.45. It experienced a decline of -5.07% over the past month and a more significant drop of -14.51% over the course of the last 12 months.

According to Capital Street Fx, Euronext is believed to have a fair value of $86.65, which implies an upside potential of 28.46%. Furthermore, the assessment indicates that the fair value estimation for Euronext is accompanied by a relatively low degree of uncertainty.


 The recent decision by Morgan Stanley to maintain Euronext’s rating as ‘equal-weight’ and adjust the price target highlights their perspective on the stock’s performance. With Euronext’s stock price experiencing fluctuations and the endorsement from Investing Pro regarding its fair value and potential upside, investors may consider exploring trading opportunities.

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