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Invest in silver | Silver Trading CFD

Unlike Gold, which is mainly used for jewelry, silver is precious for its extensive use in industries. More and more traders are now turning towards silver trading because of its high volatility, and deep liquidity and potential to make a profit from the volatility is very high that whys it is also known as poor man’s Gold.


Investing in silver provides protection against economic crises. During the time of economic crisis, central banks often lower the interest rate and increase the money supply, which causes weakening of currencies. Unlike currencies, precious metal like silver is not created on paper. These are very limited because of that it holds value during the period of turmoil.


Benefits of investing/trading in silver 

All types of investments are exposed to certain risks as well as rewards, so traders should analyze the market in every possible way. However, investing in silver can help you to achieve better diversification plan.


Silver often perform better than stocks or bonds during the time of global political unrest. It also outperforms any other financial market during the of hyperinflation


Investing in silver means betting on the growing global industrial demand for precious metals like silver. As it is one of the most extensively used metal for industrial use like solder and brazing alloys, batteries, dentistry, glass coating, etc. because of properties like physical strength, brilliance, malleability, and ductility.


What influences the price of silver?

Here are some key factors that can influence the price of silver.


Demand and Supply- just like in any other instrument, Supply and demand play an important role in determining the price of silver. The price of sliver increases as demand increases or the price decrease due to an increase in Supply.


U.S dollar Value- As the value of silver is quoted in U.S dollars. Its price is inversely proportional to the U.S dollar value. Any significant rise in the value of the U.S dollar can push the price of silver lower.


Technology- silver is in huge demand in the industrial sector for making green technology and solar photovoltaic system. Any development or invention of a better and cheaper alternative of sliver can push the price of silver lower.


Inflation- Silver prices are directly proportional to inflation. The price of silver will increase when inflation rises. According to historical data for every 1% rise in inflation, silver prices increase by 2%.


Silver Contract Specs

Ticker symbol: SI

Exchange name: comex

Trading our: 9:00am-2:30pm ET.

Contract size- 5,000 troy ounces

Ticker size- $0.005 per troy ounce ($25.00 per contract)







How to trade Gold?

Open a trading account at Capital Street

Put funds in the account to have a sufficient amount.

Choose the position size.

Take Buy or Sell position according to your analysis.


Why trade Silver CFD with CAPITAL STREET

  • The fully regulated and customer-centric platform which offers a wide range of services and features.
  • CSFX offers you our stat of the art platforms and range of trading tools
  • Leveraged trading with no hidden charges.
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