. Sri Lankan Rupee's Remarkable Appreciation Across Currencies - 30 May 2023

Sri Lankan Rupee’s Remarkable Appreciation Across Currencies

Sri Lankan Rupee’s Remarkable Appreciation Across Currencies

30 May 2023

Sri Lankan Rupee Witnesses Significant Appreciation Against Major Currencies


In a positive turn of events, the Sri Lankan rupee (LKR) has demonstrated a remarkable appreciation against the US dollar and various other currencies. The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has reported a notable 19.8% appreciation of the LKR against the US dollar during the year leading up to May 26. This article explores the factors behind this appreciative trend and highlights the LKR’s performance against key currencies.

Appreciation Against Major Currencies

According to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, the LKR has experienced significant appreciation against several major currencies. Against the Japanese yen, the LKR appreciated by 26.4%. Similarly, it strengthened by 17% against the British pound, 18.9% against the euro, and 19.7% against the Indian rupee. This upward trend showcases the growing strength and stability of the Sri Lankan currency in the international foreign exchange market.

LKR Depreciation and Recovery

The LKR’s recent appreciation comes after a period of depreciation against the US dollar. In March 2022, the LKR experienced a dramatic decline, falling from 202 per dollar to approximately 360. This depreciation was a result of the government’s decision to allow the LKR to float freely. However, the Sri Lankan rupee has made a strong recovery in the last few months, witnessing a notable appreciation in value.

Factors Influencing the LKR’s Performance

Several factors have contributed to the appreciation of the Sri Lankan rupee. The Central Bank’s efforts to stabilize the economy following a severe crisis have played a crucial role. The implementation of appropriate monetary policies and measures to restore investor confidence have positively impacted the LKR’s performance. Additionally, the improved macroeconomic indicators, such as a decline in inflation rates and an increase in foreign reserves, have contributed to the currency’s appreciation.

Effects on Trade and Investment

The appreciation of the LKR against major currencies has both positive and negative implications for trade and investment. On the positive side, imports become relatively cheaper, which can benefit businesses and consumers relying on imported goods. However, exporters may face challenges as their products become relatively more expensive for foreign buyers. It is essential for the Sri Lankan government and relevant stakeholders to carefully manage these effects to ensure a balanced and sustainable trade environment.

Central Bank’s Outlook and Interest Rate Reduction

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka has expressed optimism about the country’s economic stability and recovery. In light of the positive developments, the bank has announced plans to reduce interest rates in the last quarter of the year. This move aims to stimulate economic growth and provide further impetus to the recovering economy. Lower interest rates can encourage borrowing, investments, and overall economic activity.