. Stifel Holds 'Hold' Rating on Starbucks - 02 July 2023

Stifel Holds ‘Hold’ Rating on Starbucks

Stifel Holds ‘Hold’ Rating on Starbucks

02 Jun 2023

Stifel Analyst Maintains ‘Hold’ Rating on Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) with $117.00 Price Target.


Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ: SBUX) has recently been evaluated by an analyst from Stifel, who has decided to maintain a ‘hold’ rating on the stock. The analyst also set a price target of $117.00 for Starbucks shares. This update comes in the wake of previous ratings, where Starbucks garnered a mix of buy, hold, and sell recommendations. In this article, we will delve into the details of Stifel’s rating and explore the current market performance of Starbucks. Additionally, we will consider the fair value estimate provided by Investing Pro and its implications for investors.

Stifel Analyst Holds ‘Hold’ Rating on Starbucks:

 According to a recent report, an analyst from Stifel has chosen to maintain a ‘hold’ rating on Starbucks. This rating suggests that the analyst believes Starbucks’ stock will perform in line with the overall market. The accompanying price target of $117.00 indicates limited potential for significant upside in the near term. While the specific reasons behind the ‘hold’ rating were not disclosed, it indicates a neutral stance on the stock’s future prospects.

Previous Ratings and Market Sentiment:

 Prior to the Stifel rating, Starbucks had received 15 buy ratings, 17 hold ratings, and 2 sell ratings from various analysts. This diverse range of ratings reflects mixed sentiment among analysts regarding the company’s performance. Some analysts view Starbucks as an attractive investment opportunity, while others are more cautious, leading to a balanced distribution of recommendations. It is important for investors to consider these varying viewpoints when making investment decisions.

Starbucks’ Stock Performance:

Starbucks’ stock closed at $105.63, reflecting a slight decline from the previous trading session. Over the past month, the stock has experienced a negative trend, showing a decline of -1.71%. However, when considering the longer-term performance, Starbucks has delivered impressive returns, with a gain of 38.68% over the past 12 months. These figures indicate that Starbucks has been able to capitalize on growth opportunities and generate positive returns for investors.

Implications and Considerations for Investors:

Given the diverse range of ratings and the fair value estimate provided by Investing Pro, investors should carefully analyze their investment goals and risk tolerance. While the ‘hold’ rating from Stifel implies a neutral stance, it is essential to consider the potential upside indicated by the fair value estimate. Investors seeking a more conservative approach may prefer to wait for further market developments before entering a position. However, those with a more optimistic outlook on Starbucks’ growth prospects may find the current stock price attractive and consider accumulating shares.


The ‘hold’ rating on Starbucks by the Stifel analyst, coupled with a price target of $117.00, suggests a cautious outlook on the stock’s performance. Previous ratings on Starbucks have showcased a mixed sentiment among analysts. Despite a recent decline, Starbucks has delivered significant returns over the past year. Investing Pro’s fair value estimate indicates a potential upside, providing investors with additional insight. As with any investment, individuals should conduct thorough research, consider their risk tolerance, and consult with a financial advisor before making any trading decisions related to Starbucks.