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Vodafone Stock

Vodafone’s Vantage Towers climbs after Germany’s biggest IPO

Vodafone (LSE:VOD) UP 0.37% AT 137.42 Shares in Vodafone (LSE:VOD)’s Vantage Towers rose on Thursday in Germany’s largest stock market debut in three years, benefiting from strong investor appetite for infrastructure assets with stable returns. Its shares were up 3.3% at 24.8 euros at the market open, compared with...

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market trends

What Timeframe is best for you to understand market trends?

Intraday Chart This chart is used to plot price movements during a trading session. It would consist of all the data points between a market opening and closing. Intraday charts give you a detailed picture of the day’s movement. These charts can be used to view a single day’s movement...

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How To Become a Successful Forex Trader? INTRODUCTION Traders all around the world are making the most of their successes within the Forex market. However, it isn’t a straightforward market to overcome – traders should sustain with the newest developments, news, and events within the financial world. Over recent...

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