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FACEBOOK technical analysis

FACEBOOK Stock Price Technical Analysis, Trade Ideas, And Trade signals

FACEBOOK Technical Analysis: Weekly Chart In the weekly charts, FACEBOOK is trading in a down channel. FACEBOOK is currently trading below all SMA. RSI is in over sold zone which indicates mild bullishness. MACD is currently below zero which indicates bearishness. Its immediate support is 155.85 & the resistance...

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Facebook owner Meta to lift veil off its metaverse business

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is trading up 2.40% at 301.71 Since October, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB)has renamed the company, articulated a vision of the internet where people can digitally connect through virtual-reality avatars or teleport to see places like ancient Rome, and helped trigger the metaverse investment craze. When the company, now Meta...

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Microsoft invests $50 million in alcohol-to-jet fuel biorefinery

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is trading up 1.04% at 318.27 Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is investing $50 million in a LanzaJet facility in Georgia that will produce jet fuel from ethanol next year, LanzaJet said. The airline industry is considered one of the hardest to decarbonize. Renewable aviation fuel accounted for less than...

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Facebook risks meta flop, metaverse developers say

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is trading down 4.01% at 324.46 Facebook risks missing the point of metaverse – and a coming shift in consumers’ behaviour – if it fails to permit digital ownership, according to some of the virtual world’s pioneers. The social media giant made waves last month by...

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