Top 5 Stocks To Watchout and Trade Today – January 20, 2022

Top 5 Stocks To Watchout and Trade Today – January 20, 2022

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1.Deliveroo:-Food delivery company Deliveroo said the gross transaction value (GTV) of orders on its platform rose 36% year-on-year in the fourth quarter, resulting in it hitting the top of its guidance range with a 70% rise for the year.

Food delivery boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic when pubs and restaurants were closed, and the popularity of the platforms has not faded since hospitality reopened.

Deliveroo said its monthly customer base had continued to grow despite the easing of lockdown restrictions, with 8 million active monthly customers in the quarter, up 37% year-on-year and up 123% on pre-pandemic levels.

The number of orders grew 10% compared to the previous quarter, it said, and the average value stabilised, up by 1% in constant currency on Q3 to 21.40 pounds.

Deliveroo, which listed in London in March 2021, said its guidance for gross profit margin as a percentage of GTV was maintained at 7.5-7.75%.

2.UNILEVER: Unilever  PLC on Wednesday effectively abandoned its plans to buy GlaxoSmithKline’s consumer healthcare business, saying that it would not raise its 50 billion pound ($68 billion) offer that GSK previously rejected.

U.S.-listed shares of Unilever rose 10.1% on the news, while GSK’s fell 2.8%. The two stocks also trade on the FTSE, where the day’s trading had closed.

GSK has rejected three bids from Unilever for its consumer arm, which is home to brands such as Sensodyne toothpaste, Emergen-C vitamin supplement and Panadol painkiller, saying the bids “fundamentally undervalued” the business and its prospects.

It has said it would stick to its plan to separately list the business in mid-2022 and issued improved financial assumptions for the unit.

Unilever said in a statement it had noted these but “determined that it does not change our view on fundamental value. Accordingly, we will not increase our offer above £50 bln”.

3.EVERGRANDE:- An ad hoc offshore shareholder group of China Evergrande said on Thursday it has seen no substantive engagement from the firm with offshore creditors to formulate a viable restructuring plan, despite the firm’s repeated assurances.

The group, represented by law firm Kirkland & Ellis and investment bank Moelis  & Company, said in a statement it has no option but to seriously consider enforcement actions and it is prepared to take all necessary actions to defend its legal rights.

4.AMAZON: Inc S recipe for the department store of the future includes algorithmic recommendations and what one corporate director called “a magic closet” in the fitting room.

The online retailer is making another push to grow its fashion business, announcing on Thursday it will open its first-ever apparel store this year, with a tech twist. “We wouldn’t do anything in physical retail unless we felt we could significantly improve the customer experience,” said Simoina Vasen, a managing director.

At 30,000 square feet (2,787 sq meters), the planned “Amazon Style” shop near Los Angeles is smaller than the typical department store. Model items are on the racks, and customers scan a code using Amazon’s mobile app to select the color and size they would like. To try on the clothes, which are stored in the back, shoppers enter a virtual queue for a fitting room that they unlock with their smartphone when it is ready.

Inside, the dressing room is “a personal space for you to continue shopping without ever having to leave,” Vasen said. Each has a touchscreen letting shoppers request more items that staff deliver to a secure, two-sided closet “within minutes,” she said.

“It’s like a magic closet with seemingly endless selection,” Vasen said.

The touchscreens suggest items to shoppers too. Amazon keeps a record of every good a customer scans so its algorithms personalize clothing recommendations. Shoppers can fill out a style survey as well. By the time they arrive in a fitting room, employees have already deposited customers’ requested items and others that Amazon has picked.

5.CREDIT SUISSE :-Credit Suisse  Vice-Chair Severin Schwan is undecided whether he will stand for re-election at the bank’s shareholder meeting in April, he told Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger.

“I have not yet decided whether or not I will stand again at the next Annual General Meeting,” Schwan, also chief executive of drugmaker Roche, was quoted as telling the paper in an article published on Thursday.

“In any case, the task now is to stabilise the bank, and I am happy to support the new chairman in this,” he added.

Switzerland’s second-largest lender on Monday announced the abrupt departure of Antonio Horta-Osorio as chairman following an internal probe into his personal conduct, including flouting coronavirus quarantine rules in both Britain and Switzerland.

It was the bank’s second change of chairman within nine months.

New Chairman Axel Lehmann and other managers will now continue attempts to reform Switzerland’s second-biggest bank, still dealing with the fallout from a slew of earlier failings, ranging from spying on executives to investment losses running into billions of dollars.

Vice-Chair Schwan said that while his jobs at Credit Suisse and Roche were compatible “in principle”, he had experienced an intense period lately on the Credit Suisse board.

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