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US Dollar Dominance Will End or Not??

US Dollar Dominance Will End or Not??

18 Jul 2022

The US Dollar’s Dominance

This position has been retained for the past 80 years by both the US and the US currency. This is still the situation right now.

But history is pretty clear on this: power and money change. Currency reserves fluctuate. And assuming that things are different this time would be naive.

Because the rest of the world has faith in the soundness of the currency as well as the strength and reputation of the country issuing it, reserve currencies continue to keep their standing.

However, let’s face it: the rest of the world probably does not have a lot of faith in the United States right now.

They are pondering whether or not our country is indeed the leading superpower in the globe as they observe the awful, disgraceful calamity in Afghanistan.

However, it goes beyond Afghanistan. There are always deficiencies. Spending programs that reward individuals for staying at home and not working are absurd. It’s growing inflation as a result of the US dollar’s ongoing decline.

None of these exudes assurance.

Foreign businessmen started exploring for alternative choices when they lost faith in the solidus and the Byzantine authorities around a thousand years ago.

International Banks Are Diversifying Out of The US Dollar

US Dollar Dominance

International banks, multinational corporations, and foreign governments are already beginning to diversify away from the US dollar today.

This is a significant shift. It won’t happen overnight; rather, like the solidus debasement, it will proceed gradually before happening all of a sudden.

Over the course of many years, there will be insignificant accomplishments and insignificant occasions. Much of it has already taken place.

However, the final outcome will be a substantial drop in the market share of global reserves held in US dollars. And that will result in substantially higher inflation for everyone holding US currency.