. USD/JPY Maintains Bearish Bias in Asian Session - 21 March 2023

USD/JPY Maintains Bearish Bias in Asian Session – 21 March 2023

USD/JPY Maintains Bearish Bias in Asian Session – 21 March 2023

21 Mar 2023

USDJPY momentum back to the point, Yields move higher and support the pair

  • USD/ JPY hovers around the 131.00 mark during Tuesday’s Asian session, maintaining its bearish bias.   Although US Treasury (UST) bond yields were boosted on Monday, USD/ JPY failed to subsidize significantly.
  • This can be attributed to the floundering global banking sector, as numerous marketable banks faltered last week. Accordingly, investors rushed to buy UST bonds, causing yields to decline.   USD/ JPY nearly follows the UST yield direction, so, commonly, the US Bone remains under pressure. before this week, the Federal Reserve renewed exchange lines to give US Dollar liquidity to central banks in need, in addition to the Fed’s reduction window.
  • This rapid-fire action has swamped the request with redundant US Bone liquidity, performing in wide weakness.
  • As the request heads toward Wednesday’s FOMC meeting, caution is advised. The global banking system is formerly strained, and a further increase in borrowing costs could complicate issues. The request anticipates a 25 base point (bps) rate hike from the Fed.   Trading during the FOMC event requires redundant caution, as this meeting differs from a typical bone with pre-set prospects. With investors divided over colorful variables, volatility is anticipated. It’s always recommended to be especially careful, as the request could reverse during the press conference.  
  • It’s pivotal to pay attention to Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s press conference, as the media will check his statements for any unanticipated commentary that could spark request volatility. 

Trade Idea:

  • Technically, looking at the 4-hour map over, the low-price moment set up support near a swing area between 130.345 and to 130.60. The move back advanced has seen the price move above131.297 to131.567 another swing area, and a broken trend line which cuts across within that area. That area is now close support. Stay below 131.297, and the buyers are more in control. Move below and there could be some strike disappointment formerly again.