. Wall Street's Volatility: Insights into Stock Futures Decline

Wall Street’s Volatility: Insights into Stock Futures Decline

06 Sep 2023

Wall Street’s Dismal Session: Stock Futures Decline.

In the fast-paced world of finance, every day brings a new set of challenges and opportunities. Today, we find ourselves on Wall Street, where stock futures are indicating yet another challenging session. In this article, we will delve into the factors contributing to this decline and explore what traders can expect in the coming days.

The Streak Continues

Wednesday’s decline in stock futures has put Wall Street on a path to extend its losing streak from the previous day. Investors are closely watching as the market shows signs of volatility. Let’s break down some key elements influencing these developments.

Nasdaq 100 Futures

Futures for the Nasdaq 100 have decreased by 0.2%. This dip is significant as the Nasdaq 100 represents a basket of leading tech stocks. Any movement in this index is closely scrutinized by market participants. But what’s causing this downward pressure?

Oil Prices Surge

This week, the price of oil shot up sharply. The sudden surge in oil prices was triggered by major producers, Saudi Arabia and Russia, who unexpectedly extended their voluntary production limits through the end of the year. This decision has had a cascading effect on various sectors of the economy, including the stock market.

Federal Reserve’s Role

Governor Christopher Waller stated on Tuesday that the most recent set of economic data was providing the U.S. central bank space to determine if it needs to raise interest rates once more. As a result, the Fed is largely believed to be delaying another rate hike in September. This cautious approach by the Federal Reserve is causing uncertainty among investors.

Economic Insights Awaited

More information is due on Wednesday, including the Fed’s Beige Book study of its 12 district banks, which will provide investors with a first-hand look at the state of the economy across the nation. This report is eagerly awaited, as it will shed light on economic trends and may impact market sentiment.

ISM Non-Manufacturing Index

It is anticipated that the ISM non-manufacturing purchasing managers’ index will drop to 52.5 in August from 52.7 in the preceding month. This number measures activity in the key services sector, which makes up more than two-thirds of the U.S. economy. A decline in this index could have ripple effects on various industries.

Fed Speakers on the Horizon

The Dallas Fed President Lorie Logan is scheduled to talk to investors later Wednesday, among other Fed speakers who will be available to them throughout the next week. These speeches often provide valuable insights into the central bank’s thinking and can sway market sentiment.

Technical Analysis: Nasdaq 100

Let’s take a moment to look at the technical aspects of the Nasdaq 100 on the daily chart.

  • Nasdaq 100 is currently trading in an upward channel.
  • Nasdaq 100 is currently trading above the 5&20 SMA.
  • RSI is in the buying zone, suggesting bullishness, while Stochastic is indicating a negative trend.
  • Immediate resistance is at 15545.18, and its immediate support level is 15399.38.

How to Trade Nasdaq 100 This Week

The Nasdaq 100 experienced a fall after reaching new highs. Presently, it has found support and started rising again, currently trading at a resistance level. Traders are closely monitoring this zone, as a breakout could lead to further upside.

Trade Suggestion: Entry at 15636.31, Target at 15891.47, Stop Loss at 15454.06.


In conclusion, the financial landscape is as dynamic as ever, with multiple factors influencing the trajectory of stock futures. Investors must remain vigilant and adapt their strategies to navigate these uncertain times.