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RIPPLE Technical Analysis

XRP Shines Amid Crypto Consolidation

Ripple's XRP Token Demonstrates Strength Amidst Broader Crypto Market Consolidation. Introduction Over the past week, Ripple's XRP token has shown ...
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a girl walk on street

Strong US Job Growth in May, Unemployment Rate at 3.7%

US job growth outperformed forecasts in May, as the unemployment rate increased to 3.7%. Despite a higher-than-anticipated gain in employment ...
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Stifel Holds ‘Hold’ Rating on Starbucks

Stifel Analyst Maintains 'Hold' Rating on Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) with $117.00 Price Target. Introduction: Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ: SBUX) has recently ...
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apple iphone

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) Receives Overweight Rating

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) Receives Overweight Rating from Morgan Stanley Analyst with a $190.00 Price Target. Introduction: Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) ...
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stock market

Stock Market Soars on Debt Progress and Positive Data

Stock Market Surges to Nine-Month Highs on Debt Ceiling Progress and Positive Economic Data. Introduction: The S&P 500 index and ...
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Ethereum’s Pre-Merge Selling Pressure; Investors Analyze Future

Ethereum Faces Selling Pressure Ahead of the Merge as Investors Assess Future Upgrades. Introduction: The price of Ethereum, the second-largest ...
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copper future

Copper Prices Fall on Chinese Factory Contraction

Copper Prices Decline as Chinese Factory Activity Contracts and Inventories Rise. Introduction: The global copper market experienced a decline in ...
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us dollar Trading

Dollar Surges as European Inflation Slows

As European inflation slows, the dollar rises to its highest level since mid-March. After statistics revealed that China's growth is ...
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Alibaba’s Hiring Commitment Amidst Job Reports

Alibaba Commits to Hiring 15,000 Individuals in the Current Year Amidst Reports of Job Reductions. Alibaba Group, the Chinese tech ...
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Microsoft & Accenture Empower Indian Startups

Microsoft and Accenture Join Forces to Empower 13 Social Impact Startups in India. Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) received an "overweight" rating ...
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european stock market

Debt Ceiling Deal and Tech Surge Drive U.S. Stock Market

U.S. Stock Market Reacts to Debt Ceiling Deal and Tech Surge, Job Market Data in Focus. The U.S. stock market ...
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Financial crisis

Commodity Prices Amidst Persistent Inflation Concerns

What does this signify for commodity prices if inflation shows no signs of slowing down? A worldwide financial crisis, credit ...
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bitcoin news

Bitcoin Shifts Focus Amid Debt Ceiling Challenges

Beyond debt ceiling challenges, Bitcoin turns its focus to other serious problems Market Scenario As institutional investors in Europe and ...
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analog devices

Analog Devices Exceeds Expectations with Strong Q3 Results

Analog Devises Beats Earnings Estimates with Strong Q3 Results. Introduction: Analog Devices (NASDAQ: ADI) reported impressive third-quarter earnings that exceeded ...
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KT Q2 Earnings Miss Analyst Expectations

KT Reports Second Quarter Earnings Below Analyst Expectations, Maintains Revenue Consistency. Introduction: On Tuesday, telecommunications company KT announced its second ...
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Aldi’s Price Cuts Spark US Grocery Market’s Price Wars

Aldi's Price Cuts Signal the Return of Price Wars in the US Grocery Market. Aldi US Implements Price Reductions on ...
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GPB/JPY : Understanding the Dynamics of the British Pound and Japanese Yen Pair

GPB/JPY: Analyzing the Dynamics of the British Pound and Japanese Yen Pair The GPB/JPY currency pair, which represents the exchange ...
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Bitcoin Price Declines as US Core PCE Inflation Exceeds Expectations

Bitcoin price declines as US core PCE inflation rises faster than expected. As the US core PCE inflation rate comes ...
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Euro Nears 11-Year Lows Against USD Amidst ECB Review

Euro Nears 11-Year Lows Against USD Amidst ECB Policy Review. Introduction The euro has been hovering close to 11-year lows ...
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NVIDIA Soars: Strong Earnings Boost Market Cap

As AI chips increase sales guidance, the market cap of NVDA increases by around $190 billion. Nvidia stock surges 25% ...
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GBP/JPY: Profiting from Dynamic Currency Fluctuations

An Overview of the Pound Sterling and Japanese Yen Currency Pair The GBP/JPY currency pair, which represents the exchange rate ...
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crypto market

SEC Charges Tron Founder & Coinbase

U.S. Regulators Escalate Crypto Industry Crackdown: Tron Founder Justin Sun and Coinbase Face Legal Action. SEC Charges Tron Founder and ...
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Gold silver market

Gold & Silver Trading Analysis and Expert Insights

Precious Metals Market Update: Gold Futures Remain Range-Bound, Silver Futures Experience Minor Decline. Analysis of MCX and Comex Trading Figures ...
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Ai alphabet

Alphabet CEO and EU Chief Collaborate on AI Pact

Meeting Between Alphabet CEO and EU Industry Chief Alphabet's Chief Executive Sundar Pichai and European Union (EU) industry chief Thierry ...
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apple iphone

Apple’s Game-Changing WWDC: Anticipation for MR Headset

BofA Analysts Anticipate Apple's Game-Changing Worldwide Developers Conference with Unveiling of Mixed Reality Headset. Introduction:  Bank of America (BofA) analysts ...
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Bitcoin Price Holds Steady Near $27K as Investors Assess Debt Ceiling Developments

Bitcoin Price Holds Steady Near $27K as Investors Weigh Debt Ceiling Developments Bitcoin (BTC) held steady near $27,000 on May ...
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morgan stanly

Morgan Stanley Holds ‘Equalweight’ Rating for Euronext

Morgan Stanley Analyst Maintains Euronext at 'Equal-weight' with Revised Price Target. In a recent update, an analyst from Morgan Stanley ...
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Brent crude oil

Optimistic Outlook: US Energy Demand Rises

Bullish Outlook for U.S. Energy Demand as Crude Stockpiles Decline and Fuel Consumption Surpasses Expectations. Introduction: The American Petroleum Institute ...
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The Powerhouse Fuel: Exploring the Role of U.S. Natural Gas

The Powerhouse Fuel: Exploring the Role of U.S. Natural Gas Introduction As the world transitions towards cleaner energy sources, natural ...
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Oil Price Rises on Optimism Over Debt Ceiling as Bullish Triangle Emerges

Oil price rises on confidence over the debt ceiling as a bullish triangle develops. Oil price continues to recover slowly ...
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US Fails To Raise The Debt Ceiling, Several Potential Consequences

What Could Happen If the US Fails to Raise the Debt Ceiling? The President of the United States, Joe Biden, ...
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us bond

Rising U.S. Treasury Yields: Debt Ceiling Talks and Fed Uncertainty

U.S. Treasury Yields Rise Amid Debt Ceiling Negotiations and Fed Rate Policy Uncertainty. Introduction: U.S. Treasury yields experienced an upward ...
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s&p 500 bulling

S&P 500: Panic Buying Signals – Capital Street FX

Morgan Stanley sees signals of panic buying in S&P 500, ongoing rally 'a head fake. Introduction: U.S. stocks are anticipated ...
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us dollar will rise

US Dollar Falls as Debt Ceiling Impasse Stalls Negotiations

Due to the impasse in the debt ceiling negotiations, the US dollar falls on Monday at the opening of the ...
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TJX Q2 Earnings: Mixed Results, Market Challenges

TJX Beats Q2 Earnings Estimates, Revenue Falls Short; Shares Experience Decline. Introduction: TJX Companies (NYSE: TJX) reported its second-quarter earnings ...
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european stock market

European Markets Rally on Debt Deal Hope – 22 May 2023

European Stock Markets Rise on U.S. Debt Ceiling Optimism and ECB Chief's Speech. Introduction: On Thursday, European stock markets experienced ...
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dollar curency

Anticipation of Powell’s Monetary Policies Impacting Markets: Decline and Implications

Markets are declining in anticipation of Powell's monetary policies. Debt limit discussions and the USD resurgence are dominant. The expectation ...
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European stock markets

European Markets: Debt Ceiling and Lagarde

European Stock Markets Rise on Hopes of U.S. Debt Ceiling Deal, ECB Comments Awaited. Introduction: European stock markets experienced a ...
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5 Valuable Tips for Enhancing Financial Market Strategies – 19 May

5 Tips for Experienced Traders to Improve Their Financial Market Strategies. Introduction: Experienced traders know that success in the financial ...
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silver technical analysis

Silver Rises as US Debt Default Fears Ease – 18 May 2023

Silver Prices Rise Amid U.S. Debt Default Risk and Fed Rate Cut Speculations. Silver Settles Higher as U.S. Debt Default ...
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experienced trader

Top 10 Financial Markets Trading Platforms : Experienced Traders

Financial Markets Trading Platforms. In today's fast-paced world of financial markets, experienced traders are constantly seeking the best trading platforms ...
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wheat price

Black Sea Grain Initiative: Global Food Security

UN Calls for Extension of Black Sea Grain Initiative to Ensure Global Food Security. Introduction: The United Nations (UN) Undersecretary-General ...
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pepecoin market

Pepecoin’s Rise: Meme Crypto vs. Dogecoin & Shiba Inu – 16 May

Pepecoin: The Rising Meme Cryptocurrency with Potential to Challenge Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. Introduction: Pepecoin (PEPE) has emerged as a ...
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nadaq down

Dow Jones, S&P 500, Nasdaq Futures Stable – 16 May 2023

U.S. Stock Futures Trade Steady Following Positive Debt Ceiling Negotiations. Dow Jones, S&P 500, and Nasdaq 100 Futures Show Minimal ...
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Tips For Traders

7 Tips to Boost Your Trading Strategy on Capital Street FX

Tips for Experienced Traders. Are you an experienced trader looking to improve your financial market strategies? Look no further than ...
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market outlook gold

Will Gold Prices Reach $3,000 Per Ounce In 2023?

Will gold prices reach $3,000 per ounce in 2023? Data is the new oil, according to a common saying. But ...
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Us stock article

U.S. Stocks Rise on Fed Optimism Amid Lingering Concerns – 15 May

Optimism Grows as Federal Reserve Considers Pausing Monetary Tightening. Introduction: U.S. stocks are anticipated to open higher on Friday, buoyed ...
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USD Strong, EUR/USD Hits 1-Month Low – 13 May 2023

The worst week for EUR/USD since September 2022 is expected. The US Dollar increased significantly on Friday, extending its weekly ...
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Candlestick Charts for Better Trading

Mastering Candlestick Charts for Informed Trading – Capital Street FX

Are you a trader who wants to make informed decisions based on market trends? Are you looking for ways to ...
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Dow jones Images


The Dow futures gain 145 points, whereas the Michigan sentiment data U.S. equities are expected to begin higher on Friday ...
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