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Unlocking Profitable Opportunities as an Introducing Broker

Discover Easy Profit Generation

Earning as an Introducing Broker Partner has never been this seamless. If you’re seeking a trustworthy broker that resonates with your values, look no further than Capital Street FX. Our commitment to excellence matches yours, making us the perfect collaboration for success.

Tailored to Your Style

We recognize that every business style is unique. That’s why our partner models are designed with customization in mind. We strive to align each model with the specific needs of our partners, ensuring a harmonious partnership.

Rewards that Inspire

  • Build Your Trader’s Portfolio: Earn up to $20 per traded lot by building a thriving trader’s portfolio.
  • Flat Rate Commission: Enjoy flat rate commissions across all asset classes, ensuring consistent rewards.
  • Auto Rebate Report Generation: Receive auto rebate reports upon acquiring 5 active clients.
  • Generous Blended Commissions: Blend traffic and volume for generous commission rewards.
  • Master IB Program: Experience rewards for forward growth in our ‘Master IB Program’.
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⦁ Enjoy exceptional promotions designed exclusively for IB clients.
⦁ Benefit from spreads starting at 0 pips, enhancing your profit potential.
⦁ Access high leverage of up to 1:10000 for optimized trading.
⦁ Receive over 15 trade signals daily, aiding informed decisions.
⦁ Capital Street FX is a regulated brokerage, ensuring your peace of mind.
⦁ Experience personalized services and a dedicated Relationship Manager.
⦁ Enjoy voice, email, and chat assistance in your preferred language.
⦁ Receive fortnightly rebate sheets and comprehensive account summaries.

Thrive as a CSFX Introducing Broker

Your success as our Introducing Broker Partner is our priority. Join the CSFX IB family through these simple steps:

⦁ Open an Account: Begin by opening an account with us.
⦁ Apply to Become an IB: Express your interest in becoming an IB partner.
⦁ Tailor Your Agreement: Customize your IB agreement to match your preferences.
⦁ Share Your Referral Link: Promote your referral link to attract clients.
⦁ Start Earning: From your clients’ very first trade, you’ll start earning rewards.


Embrace Profitable Partnership

Unlock the potential for lucrative collaboration with Capital Street FX. Your path to success as an Introducing Broker begins with us.

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