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About Us

Capital Street Inter markets Limited is a Global Business Company (GBC1) incorporated and regulated by the Financial Services Commission, Mauritius. It is fully licensed and regulated by the FSC Mauritius, as a Full Services Investment Dealer....

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Safety of Funds

Trading With a Broker you can trust is the last thing that should be a worry for clients, given the complex nature of the investment business and the effort and hardwork required to be able to succeed. Having to worry about the safety of your investment capital and returns in addition to mastering the markets, is a sure sign of not having chosen the right broker.

We At Capital Street Intermarkets(Capital Street FX) take our fiduciary and monetary obligation to clients very seriously. No client should every have to worry about the safety of funds in their account or the returns on capital they have achieved.

As a Regulated Broker, We face a rigorous monitoring of our Capital Adequacy Ratio(CAR), our Minimum Required Regulatory Capital Reserves, as well as the compliance and security measures we have in place to protect client funds.

All our Clients and Accounts enjoy the following standard financial security measures

  1. Segregated Client Fund Accounts
  2. Regulatory Oversight of Day to Day Operations by the Regulator
  3. Capital Reserve Requirements from the Regulator
  4. Regulatory Capital Reserve on Deposit with The Regulator
  5. Secure encryption of all client transactions and data
  6. External Directors and Auditors ensuring full compliance of risk management and financial stability