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Ensuring the Safety of Your Funds: Your Peace of Mind

In the world of investment, placing your trust in a reliable broker should be the least of your worries. Amidst the intricacies of the investment landscape and the dedicated efforts required for success, concerns about the safety of your funds should never overshadow your trading experience. That’s where Capital Street Intermarkets (Capital Street FX) steps in.

A Fiduciary Promise

We understand the gravity of our fiduciary and financial commitment to our clients. Your peace of mind matters, which is why we ensure that you never have to worry about the security of your investment capital or your returns while you focus on mastering the markets.

Rigorous Safety Measures

As a regulated broker, we uphold the highest standards of safety. Our Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR), Minimum Required Regulatory Capital Reserves, and comprehensive compliance and security protocols are subject to rigorous monitoring. We are dedicated to safeguarding your financial interests.

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Your Safety Measures

When you trade with us, you benefit from a range of standard financial security measures:

Segregated Client Fund Accounts: Your funds are kept separate from our operational accounts, ensuring their safety in any circumstance.

Regulatory Oversight: Our day-to-day operations are closely monitored by regulatory authorities, ensuring accountability and transparency.

Capital Reserve Requirements: We meet capital reserve requirements mandated by regulators to reinforce the stability of your funds.

Regulatory Capital Reserve: We maintain an additional regulatory capital reserve, demonstrating our commitment to your financial security.

Secure Transactions: Every client transaction and piece of data is encrypted to protect your sensitive information.

External Oversight: Independent directors and auditors ensure full compliance with risk management and financial stability protocols.


Your Partner in Security

At Capital Street FX, we recognize that your financial safety is paramount. Our unwavering commitment to transparency, compliance, and security ensures that you can trade with confidence, as your funds and investments are well-protected. Rest easy, knowing that your financial journey is backed by the solidity of Capital Street FX.