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Stocks Trading

Unleash the Power of Stocks Trading

Welcome to the world of stocks trading – where your money works for you to unlock untapped financial opportunities! Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of global markets? Look no further! With the ability to trade stocks from North American, European, and Asia Pacific markets, you have the power to go long or short on popular stocks without the hassle of physical delivery or shorting restrictions.

The Power of Stocks Trading

Riding the Unicorns

Stocks trading allows you to ride the waves of market volatility, going long (buying) or short (selling) on popular stocks. Whether the market is on an upward trajectory or experiencing a dip, you have the potential to capitalize on both scenarios, maximizing your profit potential.

Global Market Access

Diversify your trading portfolio by accessing stocks from major markets across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. By trading stocks from different regions, you can take advantage of varying market trends and seize opportunities regardless of geographical boundaries.


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Trade in the popular companies including amazon, Facebook, Unilever with lowest brokerage commission

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Get full exposure to the market with a small initial deposit. However, remember that leverage is associated with increased risk.


Secure and Fast online Trading Stocks using our web platform or mobile and tablet apps.

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When trading in CFDs, you can open short positions, and increase your earning potential from falling markets.


We offer the most accurate and best price as we source our prices from multiple and different sources

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Increased control and liquidity when interacting with order books of major exchanges. See frequently asked questions.

Navigating the Stocks Trading Landscape

The stock market operates on the principle of buying low and selling high. Whether you’re looking for short-term gains or long-term investments, stocks trading empowers you to execute various trading strategies tailored to your financial goals.

Investing in stocks online through Contract for Difference (CFD) instruments offers you the opportunity to trade on the price movements of various shares without actually owning them. At Capital Street FX, we provide access to CFD shares of renowned brands like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Netflix, along with a wide range of other financial trading shares.

STOCK Trading Account Comparisons



  • Leverage: 2500 Times
  • Spreads Types: Fixed/Variable
  • Spreads from (pips): 2.5
  • Open Orders: 300


  • Leverage: 3000 Times
  • Spreads Types: Fixed/Variable
  • Spreads from (pips):  2
  • Open Orders:  300


  • Leverage: 3500 Times
  • Spreads Types: Fixed/Variable
  • Spreads from (pips):  1.5
  • Open Orders:  300


  • Leverage: 3500+
  • Spreads Types: Fixed/Variable
  • Spreads from (pips):  0.1
  • Open Orders:  400

STOCK Trading Platforms

Stocks desktop Trader →

Our most popular platform, Capital Trader is designed with a wide range of investors and traders in mind.


The most difficult and testing circumstances require a platform that provides clients critical market access

Stocks Web Trader →

Application is a lightweight that can be accessed from anywhere using an internet connection and computer.

Stocks Mobile Trader→

Introducing Mobile Trader, a complete mobile trading solution for the Android and iOS platforms

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